Biologics for Better Products
Formulation Platform

How can the SPS® Formulation Platform support you?

Understand our technology and your benefits.

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Therapeutic Antibodies & Biosimilars

Our technology platform and expertise speed up your development process and product launch. SPS® protect proteins like antibodies from aggregation and degradation.

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News & Events

Jul. 2015 -

LEUKOCARE receives groth capital funding by LifeCare Partners and strengthens its board with industry experts

Apr. 2015 -

LEUKOCARE participates in European consortium to validate blood-based biomarkers for cancer

Oct 2015 - BioJapan 2015.
Yokohama, Japan (more...)
Nov 2015 - BIO-Europe 2015.
München, Germany (more...)

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Improving Thermal Stability

We stabilize your products to increase shelf life & to reduce cold chain burden. Many kinds of proteins and peptides can be thermally stabilized by SPS®.

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Functionalized Medical Devices

We enable biologically functionalized medical devices and pave the way for terminal sterilization.

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Your advantages

Cost savings, new products & markets, increased quality & safety, competitive edges.

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About us

Find out more about LEUKOCARE’s corporate management, career opportunities, the quality management…

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Protection during sterilization

We protect biologics to allow for terminal sterilization of your products. SPS® protect the molecular structure and functionality even of complex proteins.

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Improving Vaccines

Cutting-edge stability of dry and liquid formulations in human and animal health. Expertise in inactivated and live attenuated virus vaccines.

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LEUKOCARE supports its partners with related services and know how in order to implement the proprietary SPS® technologies in the partnered products.

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