Leukocare Biotechnology AG
Michael Scholl. Leukocare AG CEO

Michael Scholl

MICHAEL SCHOLL as CEO (chief executive officer) heads the divisions strategy, finance, corporate law, marketing & sales and human resources. After his degree as a business engineer he obtained strategic and organizational business experience working as a business consultant.

Subsequently Michael took up various positions in the development and financing of technology companies.

Dr. Jens Altrichter - Leucocare AG

Dr. Jens Altrichter

DR. JENS ALTRICHTER as COO (chief operating officer) complements the board of executive directors. He heads the activities for external partner-driven development projects. In addition, Jens is responsible for the quality management system of LEUKOCARE. Jens worked for more than 15 years in executive positions in Medtech and Biotech companies.